The Fog Always Clears

Next Friday marks three months since my Dad died but it feels like it was both years ago and just yesterday. Time becomes an entirely new entity when you’re trying to occupy each minute that passes with the intent to make every second more valuable. I can’t imagine this will feel any better in months or years from now, or that it won’t ever stop feeling like it was yesterday. I had a dream last night that he was still alive. I’ve had many, many dreams like that since November 19th. I’ve been told it means that he’s visiting. I grasp onto believing that’s true. 

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Accepting the Role Cancer Now Has in Your Life

What could be more frustrating than constantly searching for answers that logically and tangibly do not exist? Nothing, I say, nothing. 

I know I wrote a whole post (Stages of Grieving a Diagnosis) a few months back about accepting this unknown world, which still stands entirely true but I failed to explicitly expand on the fact that step 5 is basically the trump card of all steps.

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